Rendered: The Gorgeous Race Car that Should Have Been at Bathurst

Watching the Bathurst 12 Hour last weekend was fantastic and wonderfully approachable for any racing fan. There was stunning scenery, excellent racing, Mount Panorama, not a single Daytona Prototype in sight — I could go on! The cars were top notch, too. You had SLS AMGs battling it out with McLarens, Ferrari 458s,… » 2/10/15 2:46pm 2/10/15 2:46pm

A Better List of the Automotive Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

Instagram is a fun, especially if you love cars. It became widespread initially from the social aspect of sharing photos with friends, but I think it's maintained momentum because, along the way, it's become a legitimately creative medium. A few months back, Chris Perkins wrote a post about automotive Instagram… » 1/30/15 11:35am 1/30/15 11:35am

Auto Show photos are boring so I shot the Houston Auto Show in the dark

Everyone's auto show photos look the same. Crowds, ropes, reflections, and a variety of unfavorable lighting conditions all make sure that there's no hiding the fact that these are cars in a convention center. Going to an auto show is a blast for the car-obsessed, but looking at pictures in an auto show is usually… » 1/23/15 12:49am 1/23/15 12:49am

10 Liveries That Would Have Been More Interesting on a McLaren P1

I've got nothing against the fabled Gulf Racing livery, but on a McLaren P1 it seems kinda dull, and in this case, not particularly well-executed (Gulf blue is pale, powder blue, not this cartoonish Cerulean hue). I feel like perhaps this car was spec'd by someone who knows nothing about McLaren, and just enough about… » 12/23/14 10:54am 12/23/14 10:54am

I Never Take Pictures of People, but I Caught a Wonderful Moment

I was wondering the paddock with my green media badge, aka The God Pass, and I saw Valtteri Bottas. As I got closer to him, Sir Jackie Stewart also approached him and warmly congratulated him on his 3rd place qualifying position, which happened moments earlier. I wish I knew what he told him, but I also don't. That… » 11/02/14 11:44pm 11/02/14 11:44pm

A Look Inside the Ferrari 458 Workshop of Risi Competizione

As penniless teenager, I used to sometimes find myself (paradoxically) in the spotless showroom of Ferrari of Houston, just to stare. All of my heroes from the magazines I studied — here they were. It was a serene place: you step softly around the showroom, more like a museum than a car dealership. If I had dragged… » 9/17/14 9:55pm 9/17/14 9:55pm

I drove a B-Spec Mazda2 and you won't believe what happens next!

Remember the dream of the Grand Am B-Spec series? The best and brightest econoboxes, stripped and caged and ready to rock? Well, that died. The series was shut down after its debut in 2012, but the prepped race cars found their way to enthusiasts, where there's actually been grassroots efforts to get them racing once… » 7/06/14 6:36pm 7/06/14 6:36pm

Hilarious Not-Sure-if-Joking Tan Camry Tumblr Tribute is a Labor that…

The Tan Camry is a tongue-in-cheek Tumblr devoted to tan-colored Camrys (commonly known as beige in these parts) — it offers a hilarious, absurd perspective on the most derided car in the Jalopoverse. The description calls it "The world's foremost blog on Camry lifestyle and culture" and that's a claim I'm sure no one… » 12/05/13 11:42pm 12/05/13 11:42pm

Poking around the Amazing Dyson Lola/Mazda B12/66 LMP1 at COTA

After the ALMS race at Circuit of the Americas last weekend, I spent some time geeking out over the runner-up finishing Dyson Racing LMP1 with my camera and an off-camera flash. I only had about 5 minutes with it, in its race-worn, rubber-spattered glory, before the team started removing body panels and disassembling… » 10/03/13 12:24am 10/03/13 12:24am