Honestly, is there anything on this car that has advanced, technologically, since the 2007 model? Displacement has grown a bit, power is about the same. So I guess at some point it got a torque bump. If I was looking for a car with torque, it wouldn't be a Civic Si, and if I were buying a 2014 performance car, I… » 7/12/14 5:09pm 7/12/14 5:09pm

I drove a B-Spec Mazda2 and you won't believe what happens next!

Remember the dream of the Grand Am B-Spec series? The best and brightest econoboxes, stripped and caged and ready to rock? Well, that died. The series was shut down after its debut in 2012, but the prepped race cars found their way to enthusiasts, where there's actually been grassroots efforts to get them racing once… » 7/06/14 6:36pm 7/06/14 6:36pm